Svetlana Gore, 26, is a TV correspondent for the National Romanian Television, TVR Moldova. Her goal as a journalist is to contribute to democratization and to the development of integrity and open-mindedness. She focuses on social-political issues like European integration, Eastern Europe, the Transnistria conflict and the development of ex-soviet countries.


The picture illustrate a society without sexism, stereotypes and prejudices. In translation, the message is "Have your head free".  ©TERRES DES FEMME

Sexist Advertising, the Global Public Enemy

Naked women, with no opinion, no will and no voice who could be carried and touched how you would like - and no, the image you painted in your mind does not promote, for example, a sex shop, but some services or products widely consumed throughout society. Without a doubt, this is the picture of the advertising market nowadays, both in the Republic of Moldova and Germany. However, sexist advertising is not forbidden in those countries and that is why there is no national statistical data to reflect the reality.