Renata Lupacescu, 35, is editor-in-chief of the Regional TV Studio-L. Since 2009 she has been working as journalist at the PRO TV Chisinau channel, as well as a reporter and regional correspondent for the regional TV. Her topics include society, politics and the economy. 
She is also interested in the Eastern Partnership and the European Neighborhood Policy.
Her publications are to be found on and protv. md


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Germany Remains one of the Most Important Trading Partners of the Republic of Moldova

For five years, the Federal Republic of Germany has numbered among the largest foreign trade partners of the Republic of Moldova. There are some major direct investments of German companies in the country, especially in the automotive industry. The Moldovan government is working to increase the intensity of economic relations. The Association Agreement with the European Union and the Agreement on the creation of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area are fundamental impulses and contribute to the significant growth of trade with the countries of the European Union.