Marie-Thérèse Schreiber is based in Berlin and currently completing her
MA degree in European Studies at the European University Viadrina.
Previously, she earned a BA degree in Political Science, Public
Administration and Philosophy. She is mainly focusing on politics,
culture and social issues, related to the EU and the Eastern Partnership
member countries.


The locked door of a biomass boiler-room on the site of a Kindergarten in Strășeni. Marie-Thérèse Schreiber

Longing for ‘Moldotopia’

In winter, the average Moldovan inhabitant has to spend half of his or her income in order to properly heat his or her home. Can biomass-fired heating systems make a difference for everyone?
In Chișinău, you can find hand-written signs everywhere which point to the nearest gas pipe.  © Marie-Thérèse Schreiber

Captured by Gazprom

In Moldova, natural gas is obtained to an extent of 95-98% from Russia which leads to a state of absolute dependence on the supply company ‘Gazprom’. Regardless of the sector, a monopoly will most likely cause problems for the consumer who will find himself at the monopolist’s mercy.