Fabian Schäfer is a freelance journalist for the German press agency (dpa), the online magazine queer.de, and the German-Swiss magazine “Mannschaft”. He is focusing on LGBT and queer issues, identity, film, literature, theatre, culture, and civil society.



Already at the airport, Moldova is presenting its new campaign to attract tourists. ©Fabian Schäfer

From Zero to Hero

Just a few years ago, Moldova was considered one of the least traveled countries in Europe. Today, experts see Moldova as a must do destination. The reasons: Wine, food, nature, a professional tourist strategy, and a frozen conflict. The country is trying hard not to be perceived as a cheap destination, and is going to more and more new markets. And also, Transnistria tries to promote other offers as the Soviet time travel one can experience in this unrecognized region. A story from a country that just begun developing its tourism campaigns, and so far, has been very successful.